The Truly Abigail Family


The First Day of Fall

I've enjoyed summer and its hot, blazing features, but it's time for the leaves to change, for volleyball and soccer seasons to start, and for the animals of the wild to prepare for hibernation or migration.
The first day of fall was today, and it was cold this morning and this evening, like any other days, but it was cooler in the afternoon than it was in the summer. It felt great. I FINALLY needed some nice weather.
Although fall isn't my favorite season, I still love it. The leaves change into beautiful colors, those pesky mosquitoes fly away until next summer, and HALLOWEEN is on the way! Read my posts the year before about how excited I was about it. :)
This time I'm not nearly as excited about it, but I'm still pondering on what I should be! Any ideas, comment in. (Cheerleader is not allowed.) I can't wait to carve pumpkins, get candy with my friends, and stay up late! Halloween's on a Saturday, baby! :D
Enjoy the fall season with it has to offer; before you know it snow will be all over the ground, getting you frostbite if you're not careful. (Well, that's hard to get...I've only seen people get it on Mount Everest!)
Other news - School's going great. I'm with every friend now! We got introduced to our math classes; I'm with Maddie, Olivia, and all the other friends who aren't all in my homeroom class. Math is starting to make sense; our substitute we had one day was lazy, no offense to her. (Yeah, like she'd read this.) I'm one happy girl! :)
I'm writing a book called Madeline Stands. I'm NOT writing it on Tikatok; I'm writing on Microsoft Word. I hope to finish by May 2010 or earlier. I'll send it in to a publisher and editor and hopefully get it published! I heard about an 11-year-old who got HER book published, so what can't I give it a shot? If you'd like to see what I have so far, send me your e-mail address, and I'll send you the link! Peace out, homie dawg.


A Life of Writing

Hey, it's Abby again. I know the people who read my blog realize that I love writing. I have a blog called Abby's Stories. is how you get there. I love to write on this site called where people can write their own story and even get famous for it. Some really impressive teens go on this site and write to their heart's content. It's fun reading other stories, but I love writing my own. I've written only a few books, for I want them all to look good. If you go to the website, look for the books Qualify and If We Had a Day. Qualify is about a girl who plays volleyball really well, and runs into some drama and love along the way. If We Had a Day is about a girl who just graduated from college and has applied for a job as an interior designer. Well, I'm not going to give any details away, so go to and try to find those two books.

The pictures above are the covers I use for my books. I make them at and At I pick out a picture, and then at I make changes to the picture, like sharpening it, giving it colors, adding text and stickers. I have the before versions and the after versions.
Since I love making covers so much, I'm starting a business called: Abby's Cover Art. Not very creative, I know, but it just gets you to the point. It's a business where you pay very little money for a cover for a book or picture. I can send it to you and if you don't like it, your remake is free. :)
If you ever become interested in writing, trust for your writing needs. Other books can give you inspiration, writing your own book is easy, and you can even add co-authors to your books, so you and your friends can write a book together.
Besides writing, school is awesome so far. Great teachers, great to see my friends again, and learning to get up early once more. (8:00 AM is the earliest I'll get up.)