The Truly Abigail Family



I'm obsessed with too many things nowadays. I'll show you my list. Here it is:

○ hot pink
○ neon green
○ turquoise
○ hugs
○ Hidden Springs, Idaho
○ Boise Schools
○ The Converse star logo
○ Nike
○ Converse
○ Coke
○ music
○ basketball
○ the size of buildings (weird, right?)
○ crazy designs
○ screaming

Yep, that's my list. And in case you don't know where Hidden Springs is, it's about ten minutes away from Boise. Since there are no outlet malls or general stores, the citizens drive to Eagle for their needs. It's the cutest little community, though. The houses are nice, (the garages are in the back of them!) there's at least a small mercantile and cafe, the sight is beautiful, and there's wide open space which is great for kids and animals. I'm not planning on moving there, but maybe when I'm older it wouldn't hurt to live there temporarily.
I'm excited for Halloween!!! I'm gonna be a rapper. Maddie, if you read this, I need those baggy pants with money signs all over by the 30th. I need my costume planned out for the big night! I'm excited!!!
School's awesome. Not much boy crisis, and if there was, I wouldn't go deep into the details like I used to. (The boy I used to be addicted to found my blog!) Anyway, school is just...AWESOME. I'm becoming obsessed with other schools when we go to them for basketball games. It's just awesome to be inside schools you've never been to. :D
Peace out, homie dawg.


My Coke

I'm a writer, I'm a computer addict, I'm a pink, green, and turquoise lover, but most of all, I am a Coke fanatic.
I don't get it too often, but just the other day my dad bought a huge box full of Coke. Wow, I guess dreams DO come true.
Whenever I go get food at a fast food place or even a fancy restaurant, it's Coke I order, unless it's Red Robin. Gotta get my Monster Milkshakes in, too, you know.
Coke: When you buy it, you've accomplished a great task. Honors to you!
My sister, Meredith, LOVES LOVES LOVES Diet Coke. On our trip to St. George this weekend (yet another post to be written) she drank at least three Diet Cokes. And in a post at her blog, she wrote a post all about her love for Diet Coke. Fascinating, huh? I would think so. :)
Other news - school's going great STILL. Usually I'd be bored by now, but time just flies in Mrs. Kaufman's classroom.
I've decided what I want to be for Halloween. (Thank you Kami, for giving me the idea!) I'm gonna be a gangster. Pretty dang cheesy, huh? Well, that's your problem. I love the idea. On Halloween night, I'm gonna have a jacket with money signs all over, lots of bling bling, and shoes that are way too big for me. Maybe even teeth covered in gold! :)
I posted a new story on my other blog: Abby's Stories at Click on that link, and you'll see my new story. Part 2 comes out in a couple weeks. I never knew writing took so much time, especially since I can be so lazy. :)
Girls 5th/6th Grade Basketball started last week; it's awesome! Since I'm so tall, I got to play with the 6th graders. There are some girls named Isabelle and Kirsten who are my height, and they play AAU basketball, too, so I see them often.
I ended my Dog-Walking business. I'm just too busy nowadays. I think I'll start back up sooner or later, I hope.
Until then - peace out homie dawg.