The Truly Abigail Family



Dinner with my two favorite women

Gonna be honest with ya, this has not been an easy couple of weeks. Lots of drama, relationship issues, and a lot of trust has been put on the line. I've had to eliminate some friends from my life for best results. In a way, I've isolated myself to just a few really close friends whom I love and have supported me through this emotional roller coaster.

Other than that, though, I've been getting good grades and taken my mind off these things with my sports. Our school volleyball team placed 2nd in the district tournament, a great improvement from our 5th place seed at the beginning. My club basketball team is my soulmate. Yes, basketball and I have a love/hate relationship, for some days are frustrating while others I feel accomplished. But my coach, Sham, who I aspire to be like when I grow up, has already taught me so much in this short month. We're off to Salt Lake on Saturday, so wish me luck!

Cooper is doing well. My mother's 30th birthday was yesterday. ;) My sister-in-law is currently in Kenya delivering babies and hangin' with the zebras. Parker's got a sick job at Nike as always. My BYU Cougars are 4-4 in football, my lover Cam Newton is 1-5, and life goes on.

♥ Abigail ♥