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Another Summer Blows By

Well, summer's almost officially over here in Boise. School starts tomorrow. Not too excited, but I'm gonna have to deal with it. At least I'll see my friends who I haven't seen all summer.

Spent the last week of summer making funny videos with my friends, practicing on the pogo stick, (I can do 244 hops, baby) and staying away from the computer. I never knew I was missing a lot of things. I've always thought going outside in hot weather wasn't fun because it got you all sweaty, but if you don't pay attention to it, you feel like there was never anything wrong.

My friend Journey's transferring to my school to go to an advanced class her school, Garfield Elementary, doesn't have. She's not in my class, but at least she's at my school, which she's NOT excited about.

Got a new backpack. Would've used my old pink one, but it's too small, so I got a messenger bag covered in PINK. In case you haven't noticed, I looove pink. Everyone hates pink, because they think it's too girly. I'm not a girly girl, but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE pink.

In case you've started school already, bet you're having a boring time? Yeah. Thought so. School gets boring once you're in the routine, which is one of the downsides of school. I wish summer lasted longer...that's what a lot of people wish.

Well, better go enjoy the rest of my summer while it's still here. Peace out homie dawg.

♥ Abigail ♥


Cousin Brady's Wedding

Blog Buzz #6
Cousin Brady's Wedding
Two or three weekends ago we went to my cousin Brady's wedding. He married a girl named Samantha Pickup. My brothers kept teasing about her last name.
The wedding was nice, but only my parents went because the kids couldn't go inside where they got married. It's called the Mormon Temple. There are over 100 Mormon Temples in the world, and there are about 10 in construction. You have to have gone on what is a mission and/or gotten married in the Mormon Temple to go in. So, the kids went when the wedding ended. We waited for them to come out of the dressing rooms on the west side of the temple. They took a while (no offense, Brady and Sammy) and when they came out, everyone was taking pictures and cheering.
The day before had been our family reunion. All the Cliffords (my mom's side of the family) met up at Sugarhouse Park, which is REALLY close to my Grandma's house, where we stayed. We had potato sack races, and then the rest was talking and eating fancy deli sandwiches. I found a HUGE field past one of the playgrounds and started to run around. I think it was a field for dogs, though, because I saw lots of owners playing fetch with their dogs. My brothers didn't seem to notice, so they played catch with the football over at the field.
After Sugarhouse Park, my whole family except me went to dinner at a Brazilian restaurant. The way they described the restaurant when they got home sounded gross. They talked all about fried bananas and weird meat. I was glad I had lasagna and spaghetti for dinner. That's what my grandma always makes for me when I eat dinner at her house. I love it. She's the nicest!
We also watched The Soloist while my family was at dinner. Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. play in a movie about a homeless cellist (Jamie Foxx) who has this weird disease where he hears voices in his head that he doesn't understand. So, whenever he wants to perform on stage with his cello, he gets stagefright. It was hard to follow, but I think I got it pretty well. Robert Downey Jr. plays as a news reporter who decides to write about this weird guy. Then they become best friends and the rest is history...bla bla bla.
We went to Thanksgiving Point for the wedding reception the evening the wedding had happened. A girl was taking pictures of families, and when the picture printed out of the camera (it was an old Polaroid camera) it had a sticky thing on the back. You just peeled it off and pasted the picture to the paper. Then you wrote your note to Brady and Sammy.
Then we all stood in a line in the Rose Garden, waiting to greet the bride, groom, parents, and bridesmaids. My cousins, Kate, Emily, and Reagan were the bridesmaids, and another girl from Sammy's side.
We then gave Uncle Chris his Utah sticker back. When we had gone to lunch after the wedding, before my Uncle Chris and Aunt Mary came out from the restaurant, I stole the University of Utah magnet that stuck to their car. My cousin Brad plays football there, and my brother Parker plays football at BYU, so we're BYU fans. University of Utah and BYU are mortal enemies, so we like to steal stuff from them, and they like to steal stuff from us.
After a long night at the reception, we watched Brady and Sammy go off in Sammy's car to a hotel. The next day they would go to Hawaii, only Sammy didn't know that. The small blue car was covered in shaving cream that said words like, Just Married and hearts were all over it. We watched and waved as they left for the hotel.
The next day, Sunday, we went to my Nani's church (my mom's mom's church). Pretty much the whole family came. We then went to my Aunt Kathleen's for a yummy lunch. There were brotts, which are little hot dogs, but are WAY better than hot dogs. I also had chips, water, chicken, rice, and some cakes for dessert. It was my Aunt Kim's birthday, too, so we also had a birthday cake. It was the greatest lunch ever!!!
Then, we drove home. I said goodbye to Parker and Meredith and climbed in the car. Madison got to go home with us! He's still here, and WILL be here until next Wednesday. It was another great vacation to Utah!
P.S. I also put on pictures of what the car looks like from the crash. It was at the auto body shop when I took the pictures. It wasn't THAT wrecked, but it could've hurt us!


Mom's Car... ruined. It was in the middle of a car crash. My mom was driving me to the water park from speech therapy (I can't say my S's right) and there was traffic on the road. My mom halted to a stop behind a car. Then, an old lady was flying in her car and crashed right into my mom's car. Then our car flew and crashed into the car in front of us. For some reason, the air bags didn't come out. Once the paramedics came, they told us to get out of the car because the air bags could set off any second. I had to carry most of mom's stuff while she filled out this big paper that asked about the accident; police's rules.

The battery acid was leaking and it smelled nasty, and it made my stomach hurt and made me want to puke. Once my brothers came to pick us up, I climbed in the Land Cruiser to get away from the stench. It was hot in the car, but at least it didn't smell bad.

I was surprised my mom didn't cry when she saw her little, gold Passat being towed (she's an emotional woman). She just said softly, "Poor little Passat." I was actually kind of happy, because I've never really liked that Passat. One door was broken, there were no cupholders, and the handle part of the door always separated from the door itself whenever you opened it. So, I guess you could call it a REALLY used car.

The paramedics checked on us by asking if any of our body parts were sore. My mom's back hurt a little. She'd hurt it in another car accident when she was 14 or so. Soon, the pain traveled to her head. I don't know how it is now. I'll bet she's OK.

I was fine. I felt a little dizzy, but other than that, I was OK. Right when I got home I sent an e-mail to almost everyone in my contacts about the accident. I felt like I deserved some sympathy. I got what I needed. Pretty much EVERYONE whom I'd e-mailed replied back asking if I was OK or how I crashed.

We ended up not going to the water park. We're going to tomorrow, as long as it doesn't rain. I'm good with it, though. I've already gone once.

Well, it's almost 2:30 AM here. I should get some sleep. Good night, sleep well, eat right, be strong, grow tall.

P.S. Crafty Abby didn't work out so well, so I changed the blog to Abby's Stories. Every week there will be a new story! If I can make the time, I will put on two stories a week!!! It is still the same URL, though, so you don't have to worry about writing down a new site address.