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My Talent

So I started a new blog.

It's a blog to share my crazy story ideas.

It's called...

"my talent."

I would be overjoyed if you followed it and read it.

So go to:

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Also, make sure to check in every so often for a new idea.

I need your constructive criticism.

It would make my day.

♥ Abigail ♥

P.S. Merry late Christmas!


Oh, What Fun

Since Christmas Break has started I have been doing nothing but relaxing. I go to bed at 2 in the morning and wake up at noon, just in time for lunch. No matter how hard I try to get up at 9 after playing video games all night I just can't do it. Must. Go. Back. To. Sleep. Oh, how I love two week-long breaks.

Parker came into town on Saturday morning, only to find that his car is loaded with boxes of Nike apparel. Since he has an amazing job at Nike over in Portland, he always brings home something for each one of the siblings. He's our personal Santa Claus. His wife, Meegan, will come into town tomorrow. Oh, how I love two week-long breaks.

Our house has smelled heavenly lately. Every night my mom makes a huge batch of homemade caramels. It's surprising that even a healthy eater like Mom can whip up the most amazing desserts. She also makes chicken corn chowder, another Mangum favorite, at least once a week. There's also the scent of pine around. Even though we bought a fake tree this year, we make sure to spray air freshener with the smell of pine so it seems like it's real. Oh, how I love two week-long breaks.

A blurry picture of our fake tree

I can't wait for Christmas this year...

♥ Abigail ♥


12 Years Living

On Saturday, December 4th, I turned 12 years old. For me, this is a great accomplishment. It means I am given more privileges, I have survived twelve years of life, and, most importantly, I get to advance from Primary to Young Women's.

Primary, in our Mormon terms, is the place kids from ages 3-11 go for the third hour of our three-hour long church. You sing songs from the Children's Songbook, learn one lesson per Sunday, and suffer an hour of obnoxious little kids. By the time you're ten years old you're wishing to escape into the peacefulness of Young Women's. That's where girls aged 12-17 go for the third hour. Boys go to Young Men's. There you are surrounded by well-behaved girls who are always willing to help with any problem of yours. It is easier to focus, for it is quiet in the room. The only noise you can hear besides the teacher is the hum of the furnace. 

I got to go to my first lesson as an official Young Woman on Sunday. We learned about the Nativity and thoughts about Christmas. For the first time in years I actually enjoyed listening, whereas in Primary I would never pay attention. I am excited to be with these girls; this should be quite an adventure.

As a celebration for surviving twelve years on Earth, I invited five girls over and together we went bowling and watched a basketball game (well, we didn't exactly watch). We had so much fun laughing, eating until we felt sick, and failing in bowling. No one could get the right technique down, so no one got very many points...except for me. Although I used the wrong technique, I scored 98 points, which is my new record! :) Bowling definitely isn't my sport, or anyone's, for that matter. No worries. We took lots of pictures (the ones above are just a few) and had the time of our lives. If I could relive one night of my life again, it would be that one. I don't think I could have a better experience.

Now Christmas is just around the corner; the house is covered in red, green, and lots of bright lights. I can't wait to see what this one has in store!

Oh, how I love December.

♥ Abigail ♥