The Truly Abigail Family


A New World Called "Laptop Junkies"

"What kind of obscure name is that?" people will ask once reading the title. I have bought a laptop: a Compaq for $380.00 (and still $21.00 left!). I have to pay the tax, too (and that's $25.00), but my mom's paying the shipping and handling. All that dog-walking sure paid off! After I get my December payment I'll have $79.00. I have only two clients, but it has paid off well! I've been getting over $50.00 a month in walking (a half-hour walk is $4.00 and a 15-minute walk is $2.00). I hope to get my laptop by the end of the week. Ooh, how exciting! I'm so impatient! I can't wait to hear a ring on the doorbell. I'll open the door and, "Oh my gosh!" I'll say. "It's here! My laptop is here! The laptop I've been waiting for is here!" I'm going to be so happy I'll cry tears of glorious joy. I told Meredith the news and she said (in a text), "Welcome to the world of Laptop Junkies!" That's how I got the name, people! Thank Meredith for the name (or blame her if you don't like it, but I think you will like it). I never thought the time would come. Hooray for laptops!
P.S. I did this beautiful art on my dad's laptop when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Laptops include art! How wonderful!


Westward We Go!

Eastward we hate! The west is much better than the east in my opinion. More country and more celebrities live in the west. Even though many actors and actresses live in New York, most live in California. Idaho is a great state, too (it's the 13th largest state). Many history is in its borders. When my family went skiing at Sun Valley last year, Meredith spotted a model who is on makeup commercials. Glamorous! The east is so 100 years ago! West is the new style and will be for the rest of USA's time here on earth. There's more skiing in the west, and that's so much fun! So, if you live in the east where all the hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes are, move to the west, people! There have been fewer things destroyed than the east (especially Louisiana). Super Abby is not going to save people who live in the east and are in need of help because there is a hurricane. You had to listen to my instructions! Move to the west! That was one simple command, and if you don't follow it, your lives will end in hurricanes (the only thing safe about hurricanes is the eye of the hurricane). OK, I'm sorry for overreacting. I'm just so freaked out because people die in these things. I can't believe lots of people want to live in Louisiana! I mean, that's where the most hurricanes and tornadoes occur! If you don't agree with me, then I'll prove it! There has been like three hurricanes in Louisiana already. New Orleans has been losing its population because of those hurricanes. Rarely anyone moves in. It's simple. A hurricane occurs, over 100 people die, and that's that! The city has lost its population by 100! So, if you want to live longer, I suggest you MOVE TO THE WEST! OK, it's poll time!

Question: Which side of USA do you like better? East or West?

Type in E for east or W for west. Vote now!


The Days of Our Lives

Living is so much fun, I tell you! I still wonder what it's like to die, though. I hope to die when I'm 100 years old, though! My brother, Tanner, says that left-handed women die sooner than right-handed women. I don't think it's true, though! Scientists lie sometimes! I mean, how do your body parts affect your living? I don't know! Blake talks to me as if he doesn't like me. My friend, Ashley Travis, said boys do that so their friends won't tease them. Pretty much everyone knows about our love for each other, so...yeah. Back to living. Time seems to go by slowly. I mean, I still have 90 years to live! When I was at Hastings one day, I saw a book called, 100 Places to Visit Before you Retire or Die. If I ever get a gift card to Hastings I'm going to buy that book. I love to travel, and I'd love to travel the world! I have a life to live, and if I want to live longer, I better eat healthy, I better not smoke, and I better exercise my heart out. I'm Super Abby disguised as an athletic trainer! Follow my three rules! Rule #1: Eat healthy. If you eat junk food, you'll get fat and you'll have a harder time exercising. Rule #2: Don't smoke. If you smoke, your lungs will turn black and you'll more likely die at an early age. Rule #3: Exercise your heart out! See rule #1. If you follow these rules you live a long life and you'll be able to travel the world! We all have a life to live, and if we spend it doing nothing, it won't be a very happy life. Go ahead and live your life! Ay...Ay...Ay...! That is a song call Live your Life! It has Rihanna and I think Timbaland. You can find it on iTunes! If you don't have iTunes, download it now!!!
P.S. You can also live a long life by playing sports. Look at my brothers! They're sure to live a long life! never know!



There's nothing better than knowing you get a break for a while. Ahhhhhhh, just thinking about it makes me want to go back in time when I saw a happy face on Blake when he saw me at the game on Saturday. I was wearing my spirit gear (skinny jeans, Timberline Basketball shirt, beaded necklaces, and blue and white bows in my ponytail) and cheering for Timberline (the JV team was playing at the time). Blake walked in with a red sweatshirt, a red cap, and a blue shirt. A BLUE shirt?! Why was he wearing blue? That's Timberline color! I never mentioned it, though, for I couldn't take my eyes off Blake's peachy face. I really wanted a picture with him. He'd think I'm weird, though. Meredith saw him, but didn't didn't actually "meet" him. She said he was VERY attractive. I know, Meredith. He's cuter than the cutest boy in the world. Oh! Then that means he's topped the cutest boy in the world and HE is now the cutest! This might be crazy, but now I can't wait for February 10th! That's when Timberline plays Boise again! The thought of seeing Blake at a game again makes me want time to go by fast. I have also told my friends about the blogging progress, and one friend made a blog. Her blog adress is: Click on it! Her template is exactly like mine, and she has cool posts! She started the day I was going to go the basketball game where I'd see the boy of my dreams. I have decided we're going to be friends, though. It's going to be tough, but I'll make it sooner or later. Anyway, enjoy life as it is!


Busy as a Bee

Woah, everything's been out of date! I've been so busy lately; I need to fix up! I have think through polls on my blog, when to write on my blog (I will from now on blog on even days like January 12th, 14th, 16th, etc.), which dog to walk and when (Cooper must be every day), doing things that have to do with school, and a lot more. It's been hard to handle! At least I have sports out of the way (for me, it is). I don't have practices anymore. I also am pondering on things like if I should take a break from dance or stay. Tonight is the night!!! AWWWW!!!! (angels coming down from heaven) The basketball game is tonight! I will HOPEFULLY (I probably will) see Blake! I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (1,000,000 REALLYS) want Meredith to meet Blake. It will be so nice. I asked if he was going on Monday, and he said yes. On Thursday, I made sure, he said probably. I reminded him yesterday, he said yep! It's wonderful! Everyone thinks my hopes shouldn't be up that high, but I am SURE he will be there. If he's not, I will cry my eyes out! Anyway, I'm busy, so don't bother me!!!! Just kiddin'! Enjoy the new year, and enjoy what Jauary has to offer.
P.S. You're goin' down, Boise Braves. Timberline Wolves are quick enough to not be killed. We can also EAT YOU UP! No offense, Blake.


Poll: What Option?

Well, maybe I HAVEN'T thought it through THAT long. I need other people's opinions. So, here is a poll:

Should I keep crushing on Blake?

Should I keep think of Blake as a friend?

Type in CB if you want me to keep crushing.

Type in FB if you want me to keep thinking of Blake as my friend.


On My Own

Right at this moment I'm home alone! Madison and Tanner-I wonder where they are. I've been home alone since five thirty, and I'm feeling a little lonely (human wise. Cooper's keeping me company pet wise). My parents and Meredith are up at Bogus Basin skiing. I'm not scared to be alone for two hours. I've been home alone for six hours before. Madison's going to come home and order a delicious pizza! Dad left the kids $20.00 for food. Such a generous dad the Mangums have. Anyway, I think I'm growing up more and more. I've been taking care of myself. I now know how to make macaroni and cheese, tortilla and cheese, and basic things-mostly lunch items. Anyway, I think I'll be ready to live on my own when I go to college at either BYU or University of Colorado (or is it Colorado State? I don't remember). I can't believe I've got a future planned out already! It might not come true, but it's a great one. Anyway, the poll for this post is...

Who has stayed home alone (if you're older, think of when you were a kid) for:

a. 4+ hours
b. 3 hours
c. 2 hours
d. 1 hour or less
e. never

Vote now! And have a happy January!


2009 is Lookin' Fine

Things are pretty much back to normal! Meredith finally came home, and we went back to school. Meredith gets a big break because she's done with school. She'll be leaving for Utah in about a week and a half. 2009 is going to be a great year; I can feel it! It was nice being able to see Blake again. Today was his birthday! He brought delicious M&M cookies! He hung out with the girls at morning recess today (of course, I'm a part of the big group of about eight girls). I am REALLY starting to think Blake likes me back. Olivia and Lauren say that they "sense it." Oh, and if you want to say Blake's name out loud, you can't say his real name. You must say "BLACK." It's the code name Olivia and I made up. It was too bad that I had to go to G.A.T.E. When I go to that class, I have to miss two recesses! G.A.T.E stands for Gifted and Talented Education. There are different subjects to G.A.T.E, and I'm in Writing. I love to write so much!!! The teacher, Mrs. Lundbohm (let's hope I spelled that right), told me about a magazine where they put stories in. She suggested I write a book and put it in a Children's Magazine, then the editor of the magazine will read my story and put it in! It'd be a dream come true, I'm telling you! Anyway, I like Blake, I think he likes me back. Perfect. Oh, almost forgot. I cheer for Timberline, Blake cheers for Boise. Timberline and Boise will play against each other on Saturday and I'm going! Blake's going, too! Basketball showdown! GO WOLVES! Oh, one more thing. Here is a poll.

If you like Boise High School better, leave a comment saying BHS. If you like Timberline High School better, leave a comment saying THS.

Leave a comment! It doesn't matter what age you are, just vote! Anyway, polls is going to be the topic for the new year. A poll will be given out on every post. 2009 is lookin' fine, folks, and we will have the finest year ever!

P.S. If you look at the picture, you know the new year's going to be that radical.


Where's Meredith?

For the past few days my sister Meredith has been hanging out with her friend, Derek Erstad. She's been skiing with him A LOT. I know how much fun she's having with Derek, but I miss her a TON! She hasn't posted since December 17th, either. Meredith's heading for Utah in a week or so, and I want to hang out with my sister for a few days before she leaves! Anyway, you remember the Peays. Well, their daughter got engaged just yesterday! She and her boyfriend had been dating for like three years, and Ashley (the daughter) was getting back from a ski trip with her boyfriend (Mike Boren is his name) and he proposed to her in the Sun Valley, Idaho mall area! SO EXCITING! Anyway, back to sadness. Dang, I wish I could make this font bigger. Oh well, here is my message to my loved sister: I MISS YOU MEREDITH! PLEASE COME HOME! I WANT TO SEE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE! Anyway, enjoy January!


Time Flies

It's already 2009! Yesterday our friends the Peays came over to play games with us. One game was called Scattergories. OK, here's how it works. Someone who is playing gives you list. Let's say #1 says, "A Boy's Name." Someone at the table rolls the letter dice (it has every single letter of the alphabet) and whichever letter someone rolls the dice on, and when the three-minute timer starts, you have to try and write down one boy's name that starts with the key letter. Let's say the key letter is "B." Of course, you all know who I'd pick. I'd write down "Blake." Then you do the same thing with the second question except it's a different topic. Try to fill in all 12 blanks before time runs out (you can skip some if you can't think of anything). The Peays' daughter, Ashley, came over with them. Ashley's boyfriend came over and together we had the countdown! I got to say "5...4...3...2...1...Happy New Year!" When that was over, I opened the game called Boggle. You have to try to build as many words as you can with the cubes (they have letters on them). I was on my own, so I didn't follow the rules. I just made a funny phrase: "LIPS THAT BURN FIRE." Everyone laughed at my prank (well, it wasn't so much a prank, but...). Oh, I almost forgot, when it was 10:00 here in Idaho, it was midnight for people in the eastern side. Robbie Madison (a 27-year-old who set a motorcycling record) rode up a ramp that was 10 stories high, and then went down a 5-storey ramp. It was bumpy and dangerous, though. Robbie had a possibility of dying in this, but it was a success. His left hand got bloody though. It was so big a cut, the cut could open and close as if it were a mouth! I was creeped out by this. I'm glad I could celebrate a happy new year, and I hope you had a great one! Happy 2009!