The Truly Abigail Family


A Day without Freezing: Winter Conclusion

Finally, it's warm. Spring's right around the corner. I walked out of the school building without a coat a ton yesterday and today. And now that means me and my friends can lie out in the sunny spot me and my friends discovered (and it's near the brick wall where we line up). SO relieving.

And after buying Cooper all those chew toys, he buried them up, and now that the weather's warm, we can discover his chew toys (and we'll also have to pick up a lot of the waste he left over the winter. EW!).

And we will be able to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my blog. I will make it the most fun post ever believed to be seen. Polls will be seen on every post during anniversary week. Be sure to visit in the second week of April!

Also, you all need to expect rainshowers. It'll be at least drizzling many times in spring. I've got my cute pink and white umbrella and some pink outfits that are perfect for rainshowers. I won't want to use my umbrella much, though. I love to get my hair soaked. I love rain.

So, say goodbye to winter, and say hello to spring! I'll be going to Target a lot to prepare for spring (Shoe Carnival, too). Have a great rest of February (probably won't write until March because I'm busy walking dogs).


On the Road to Fame

I've been writing stories since I was in second grade now, and I still haven't finished one single story. I was writing a story on my dad's computer and I stopped when I got my NEW laptop. I might as well ask my dad to send it to me...(or dare I say, "Gimme it, dad!" No, I won't do that.)

But when I do finish a story, I will send it in to a publishing company (I look at the publishing companies the good authors use) and hopefully they will publish it.

I need an agent, though! Who could be my agent? Well, my friend Olivia loves to write stories (she even has a series called Button!). She's very imaginable (she has a bigger imagination than I do!). I think she'd make the perfect agent. I'll ask her tomorrow.

And now, all I need to do is write up a 50,000 chapter story! No, just kidding. Probably just a 10-chapter story. But now it's poll time!

Question: If you had to write a story to share to the class, what kind would you write?

a. fictional
b. non-fictional
c. historic fiction
d. fantasy (which is pretty much fictional, but just go with it)


Sick for Love

Since Sunday I have had a VERY sore throat. It got worse and worse and today I had to stay home from school. My throat burns and it hurts to swallow. I will be drinking TONS of refreshing Coke and icy water. I need the fluids, people!

I've been coughing, but the coughs never seem to go away. Sometimes I can't even breathe because the coughs come out automatically occasionally.

My friend Courtney came along to the Timberline vs. Boise basketball game yesterday (unfortunately, we didn't win the Wii from the raffle). I saw Blake, and I found out his dad is the assistant coach for Boise's varsity team.

I felt HORRIBLE after the game last night. My throat BURNED, and I had one too many cupcakes at the senior night dinner. Almost threw up in front of everyone.

But now I have Children's Tylenol in my stomach, and I feel refreshed. And I could use some more later today.

One more thing, though. Will I make it to the Valentine's Party tomorrow? Will I feel better tomorrow? Don't know, but we're going to have to take some chances. Sorry if I don't make it tomorrow! This is the worst cold I've ever had (literally).


What Kind of Person?

Yo, I'm sorry if I have not acted like myself these last few posts. I kept thinking about random subjects instead of what has happened in my "small" life, as my mom puts it. So, after trying to write a post for the third time, I now have a poll.

Question: What kind of person do you want to be when you're older?

Type in SW for smart and wise.

Type in UF for unforgettable.

Type in MBL for memory look-backer.

Type in F for famous.

Type in O for other and say what that other person is.

Everyone is wonderful, and we all have a part: make the world better. Here are Super Abby's top three suggestions on what we can do to change the world.

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
2. Save energy by Turning off the TV When Done
3. Be Kind to Everyone You Know

You'll be known as a GREAT citizen if you follow these suggestions. Everyone can make a difference. HOORAY!


I'm Off

With a hug and a wave and a goodbye, I'm off for a delightful weekend. I write in my diary and walk my dear dog, Cooper. All these things are SO much fun to do. It helps me relax.

But there's something I'm missing: Meredith. She's five hours away from me and my family. She's in Utah living the life of a nurse and a roommate. She's visiting all her friends (or should I say girlfriends), Jess Kruger, Julie Anderson, and her roommates. It makes me sad having to lose my opera voice, for me and Meredith used to sing our names in an opera voice. "Abigaaaaail!" she would sing. "Merediiiiiith!" I would sing.

But with friends and family by my side, I'll never have to worry. If she keeps on e-mailing me and commenting on my posts I'll know she's still there. She's my favorite sister, and my only sister. Love you, sis.



It's cool how much impact excitement has on you. I get excited A LOT! Sometimes I cry tears of joy because I'm so excited. When my mom said she was going to make chicken parmesean I was all, "Yay!" I don't know what gets me to be so excited all the time. SO...Really, Abby, you just have to be excited twenty-four seven? YES...Really, I just have to be excited twenty-four seven.



Be excited all you can! It makes things more fun.