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So This is Christmas?

Last week Boise was covered in snow. This week the sun came out and melted all of it. So even though the weather here is cold there is no more snow to enjoy. I guess there's no white Christmas this year.

So much has happened this month. I already wrote about my birthday (see the post Booyah!) but I still have yet to write about the wedding and the huge, sad news that was told to me this past week.

It was a snowy morning on December 5th, 2009 at the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Everyone who came to see Meegan and Parker crowded around a fairly large building waiting for the newlyweds. I was freezing even in my black peacoat. I could barely even breathe in my bridesmaid dress. There was a sash around my waist that was causing it. It was pinned on tight. When the two came out we took lots of pictures on marble stairs. When taking the pictures with just the bridesmaids and Meegan we were told to take off our coats. By the first picture almost all of us had goosebumps. Then later that night we went to the reception in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We entered a gigantic room with lots of fancy food, dancing, and a DJ. I got good old-fashioned chicken nuggets while everyone else got chicken and salmon, though. Then we had a program where Meredith, Meegan's sister Mary Beth, Meegan's dad Mark, Meegan's mom Mary Ann, my dad, and my mom spoke. Then Parker's friend Chase sang a solo. Then Meegan sang while her dad played either the guitar or piano. Anyway, after the program there was dancing. That was fun. Then Meegan and Parker cut the cake, and after that we lit up sparklers and made a runway for the two to jump in their car and drive to Park City.

Now we're back in Boise. I was having a great time back at school until this past Tuesday...I had finished up dinner, and then I saw an orange folder that was Tanner's from fourth grade or something like that. I opened it up and saw papers filled with pictures of available houses in EAGLE. I asked my mom what they were there for; she sat me down and instantly I began crying. With a long explanation Mom told me we were moving to Eagle, Idaho where our education and athletics would be better for Tanner and me. I had so many excuses and reasons, and I still do but nothing I say will convince Mom and Dad. I'm angry, horrified, and wanting to hit something hard. I wonder why I have to go to Eagle. Just because the high school's athletics are better doesn't mean we have to move there. Mom also explained that Tanner won't learn anything in his "high school quarterback life" if he stays are Timberline. She thinks it's good for my future, too. She says their volleyball team is best in the state. I know that, but that still doesn't make a difference in my opinion. What if Timberline starts receiving some good players? Then we could become best in the state, or at least in the valley. Mom says that there are more Mormon people out in Eagle. 30% of Eagle is Mormon and in Boise 10% is Mormon. Mom thinks I'll make more friends there just because I'll see them in church and in school. What if they're not my type? What if they're a clique of girls? And my friends here...what will I do without them? They're all so special to me. I can't just leave them. And my house...I don't want to give it away to some stranger. It's MY house. How would my parents like it if the new owners just trashed the place? What if they ruined our garden that we took 25 years to plant? So four words for you Mom: I'm going to stay.

So maybe this won't be the best Christmas ever, especially since this will be my last Christmas in my awesome house. I want to be able to convince my parents. I want to be able to stay at my house that I was born in and expect to leave for college in. I want to be able to go to my school. I want my family to drop our plan. BOISE IS MY TOWN, AND I WILL STAY IN IT!!!

Christmas 2009 isn't going to be the best. For sure.


Anonymous said...

That kind of makes me feel sad.
I am confused. Are you moving because Eagle has winning teams, and that there are more Morman?
Do you?

You seem very sad. I don't want you to move eigther.

I will miss you! Even though I go to Eagle with to my dad's house, 5 days every week. I Will MOST LIKELY only see you 3 days out of those 5, each time :(



Abigail said...

Why would I forget you???

I'm moving to Eagle because the athletics are better, there are more Mormons, and my parents are tired of living in the same house for 25 years. (My parents' reasons, not mine.)

I hope we can hang out when I move to the new house! It'll be sad without all of you guys though. ]: I'll come visit a TON. Don't worry. :]

I'm not moving to Eagle until June or July, so don't worry about it now. <3 you.

♥ Abigail ♥

Ashley said...

We all ♥ U Abz. You betah e-mail us, and visit EVERY possible day you can. - ♥ Ashley ♥