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You know it's been a good summer when you've made it productive, did some fun things, went on some trips, you know the whole sha-bang.

You know it's been a great summer when you've floated down the greatest river of all time, the Middle Fork of the Salmon. For five days, my family along with three others had the opportunity to float through the best water, camp at the best sites, shower at the best hot springs, and have the best time of our lives. I'd only gone once before, and I remember it fairly, but this is a trip you can't forget.

The night before we took out. A view of the river! 

The daily routine of packing the boats. Fun...

Meredith and me

Meredith's favorite hobby: popping my zits.

Mother and me! I think I'm taller than her now!

The three amigos 

Father and mother

Meredith and I in our tent!

Meredith flexing, dad peeing, me...I don't really know.

Meredith rowing. What a beast.

Flying B Ranch! Drinking Pepsi after a long week away from it.

Paddlin' through the canyon!

Our joke for the week. SUCCESS!

Meredith showing off our lovely tent. And then there's me creeping in the background.

Caught off guard. But I kinda liked it.

Palmer!!! Love that kid.

Dad doing his nasty eyelid trick, Sid Sullivan half doing it, and Sydney caught at the wrong time.

Meredith's blisters all wrapped up after rowing like a champ.

I jumped off a bridge. Ohhh yeahhh.

Bald eagle hidden in the rocks.

Goin' down the best rapid of all, Kramer! Palmer's effort at taking a picture.

The lovely paddle boat.

Kitchener and me laughin'.

Look at our beautiful rainbow of boats! All we're missing is a green.

Down a rapid.

Zoey! The greatest retriever you'll ever meet.

As you can clearly see from the pictures, I had a pretty good time. Hopefully we'll pull a permit next year!

♥ Abigail ♥

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Omg! My name is Abigail Mangum and I'm 13!!!! LOL!!!!!!