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Daisy's Engagement, But Gets A Surprise

As my friend Courtney and I play on my trampoline with Cooper and Courtney's stuffed animal called a Webkinz named Daisy, this is Daisy and Cooper's date. Courtney and I make up a small play about these lovebirds. Cooper takes Daisy to his house in the forest (which is underneath the trampoline) for dinner. They eat Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, Bamboo, and what dogs and pandas both like, Leaves & Dog Food, mixed together it is called "Leaf Kibble". "What's for dessert, my dear Cooper?" Daisy asks. "I call it, Daisy's Parfait! It is dedicated to you, my love." Cooper answers. One day as the lovebirds were walking in the forest, Cooper pulls out a black box. "Daisy, these couple days together have been wonderful. I have a question for you. Will you marry me, my dear oh dear Daisy? I love you so, and I hope we can be together forever. So, will you?" Cooper asks seriously. "Oh my sweetheart, how kind of you to ask. Of course I will marry you, my dear. I love you too." Daisy says and kisses Cooper smack on the lips. "I need to go to the grocery store now so we can live a healthy life." Cooper says. "Wait! Don't we need to look for a house?" Daisy asks. "We can live in my house." Cooper says. "You are not taking this seriously, dear! We have to pay for a wedding, pay for our bills and did you know that I might have children so we will have to pay for the baby's room!" Daisy yells. Cooper ignores Daisy and walks to the grocery store. Daisy follows close behind and kisses Cooper before he can get inside the grocery store. "Oh, I should take this seriously. I am sorry for ignoring you." Cooper smiled. The next day he and Daisy get married. The VERY next morning, Cooper uses his mouth and takes Daisy to the forbidden part of the forest. Cooper drops Daisy and walks home grumpily. "What are you doing? I can't even walk!!! Help me, Cooper! Please!" Daisy screams. "I always hated you." Cooper snorted. "You did? How could you?! You are a big fat meanie! I never want to see you again!" Daisy howls. Daisy gets up and finds a Tiger Webkinz. His name is Ryan and she marries him. They lived happily ever after. The End. I hope you enjoyed the story!

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