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Build-A-Bear Ville

My newest obsession on the computer is called Build-A-Bear Ville. You can get rare items, talk with people, play games and earn these things called Bear Bils, which is the money you can use to buy things. You can add furry friends in real life onto the computer! Then you own a Cub Condo and so you can buy furniture for your condo. I love being on this website because it is really cool and the artwork is amazing! The places in the world are: Town Square, Neighborhood, Cub Condo Complex, Sportsplex, Bear University, Pawforming Arts Center, Furbulous Fashion District, Pawsitively Green Center, Paw Park, Friendship Forest, (THERE ARE MANY PARTS TO THE FRIENDSHIP FOREST) And Sunshine Shores beach. This world is full of excitement and surprises. I own a Cun Condo and owning 5 bears on there. I can type my own messages and have some rare things. The best part of the website are all the surprises that appear on it. There is a 12 year-old girl who thought of Build-A-Bear Workshop and has her own character on the website! Her name is Maxine Clark and visits often and gives you awesome presents! Once she gave me a Maxine Ski Hat and another time she gave me Bear Head Slippers. Slippers are BABV's (Build-A-Bear Ville) biggest obsession yet! The people who don't have slippers are begging for them from people who DO have the slippers. I'm one 0f the people who has bear slippers and everyone begs for them. There is a BABV blog on the website and people can write on it. One of the blogs is made by IzzyFluffed, a girl who laughs all the time and is really nice. She wrote: "Attention! Slippers are being begged for by people who did not see Maxine on Friday night on May 16th. These slippers are rare and fuzzy, you can get them only once in a while. Try to get more pairs of these slippers and give a few pairs to people who don't have slippers!" The end. She made a point. We all can have slippers by giving things to other people. Build-A-Bear Ville could be the website for you. See what you think. You type it: and see what you think. Have fun on Build-A-Bear Ville!


DanielaCityStyle5 said...

Hi i am DanielaCityStyle5
on babv.
and i would really like someone to trade me some fuzzy slippers and for those of you that have the scottie can i have a skirt and hat plz plz plz and if u want something in return from store credit i have lots left over and i would also really like those sunglasses that look like the have bunny ears on them.
And i can give you a reciept code i think i have 4-5 here.

DanielaCityStyle5 said...

If you see sandisweet or mattybear2 or keatlynpices they are really great friends they are my best friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi. My Name is Abigail too.Abigail hamilton.TN, I am eleven, & five six.I love babv.Also I would love 2 trade. Thanks for readin' this


Anonymous said...

Oh, (Abigail) From last comment. My Babv name is Gabbyhip14. I would love if we could be friends

Christine Jill said...

Gabby from last comment I sent you a friend request so if anyone else wants to be my friend sorry because i already have 199 friends but tell me if you really can be my friend so i can delete somebody.

Anonymous said...

Please go to MelissaMusicBear8's BABV Blog, a constantly updated site dedicated to helping citizens of Build-A-Bearville: The site features exclusive updates, pictures, contests, a BABV store, tips, help, and much more! Thank you

Anonymous said...

well, i am new on this called AaronBearCub767. please can u tell me how to talk to people as i havnet got a clue!