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My Best Field Trip In The World!!!

Today was the best school day ever!!! I went on a field trip!!! Since I live in Boise, Idaho, I got to go to Boise's City Hall and the Basque Museum. I learned that the Basque people lived in this tiny little country between Spain and France. They started to live in Boise because of the jobs Boise offered. We went in a brick house that once belonged to a man named Cyrus Jacobs and his wife. The owners that lived in the house after the Jacob children had gotten married and moved out and the parents died of old age, the new owners had the house turned into a boarding house where whale hunters could spend their winter sleeping and eating meals. The teacher of the museum told us that they only had radios back then and so one of my classmates pushed this button and all of a sudden this radio station turned on and it was so CREEPY!!! The voice sounded all shaky and the sound effects were so...weird. We went to this place Fronton which had a huge gym room that they called the handball court. You used your hand and used metal balls and hit the ball against the wall. The teacher told us that after about an hour of playing handball your hands ached and burned. When her nephew played handball she said the father had to step on his hands because his hands were swelling like mad. My class used softer balls and tried it. My school teacher's son hit the ball against the wall really hard and kept calling the girls sissys because he and his friend thought we didn't hit the ball hard enough. Then my class ate lunch at the Julia Davis Park and played Soccer for about an hour or so. I don't want to give the details about the City Hall, but the main idea was that we went to the meeting room and sat in soft chairs and pretended we were in a meeting. OK, well, I guess I will tell the details. The girl who worked for the City Hall chose some students (Not me, though. Pooey) and told them to sit in even bigger and even squishier chairs. One of my classmates had to be the MAYOR!!! The students that didn't sit up there had to either vote that there should be more police cars or fire trucks. I voted for fire trucks. At the end of the voting, the council members and mayor made their decisions. 3 said fire trucks, 3 said police cars. If the council has a tie, the mayor gets to decide. Our fake mayor decided on police cars, so more police cars were to be made. (Not literally) It was the greatest field trip ever!!!


Brady said...

Hi Abby,
Just wanted to say hello and that I love your blog. Keep up the good work! Love your favorite cousin named Brady, Brady

Tell Maradith I love her blog too cause I'm new to this blog stuff and im not sure how it works. Have a great day friend.

abbyalice said...

Thank you Brady! I appreciate your comment. Just go to my blog and go to the Friends and Family tab on the right-hand side of the page. You can find Meredith's blog there.