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School Starts Soon!

Hey everyone! How are y'all? For some of you, school has already started! And for others, school starts in a week or so but for me, school starts tomorrow! I'm going into fourth grade and I can't wait! My new teacher's name is Mrs. Tate. My three brothers and one sister had her for fourth grade! My Mom says Mrs. Tate will be the only teacher to have five kids that are in the same family in her class! I wondered if it was a world record. I'm not set for school yet because I don't have all my school supplies!!! I only have a pencil box, eraser, paper, pencils, (not enough pencils) and... I think that's it! I still need paint, folders, colored pencils and a large tissue box! (Kleenex brand suggested). Ha ha ha! My Mom or Dad will pick up the rest of my school supplies after one of them finishes delivering papers at 5:00 in the morning. They'll go to Albertson's and do so. I bet you don't care about what I just said... I don't blame you though! Anyway, I'll blog and blog all I can during the school year! I was lazy and didn't blog in the summer. I hope you enjoyed my sister's blog during the summer! Such the life she has! Ha ha ha! Cooper the dog has been an ecstatic puppy! It's sad I'll have to be away from him for six hours each weekday. I'll also upload some videos on YouTube! Watch out for them! My videos will be on these usernames: tmango10, tmangum10, Bunnybunny12. Also check out these websites I go on so you can add me:,, On buildabearville I'm AbbyButterfly7 or CarriGirl. On Webkinz, I'm sunset654. On Club Penguin I'm Ihopdid333 or Profro. Sadly, I lost my membership on Club Penguin. I got grounded from it. (You don't want to know how) I'll be able to get back on in September! Thanks readers!

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