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School Frenzy

4th grade is pretty fun, but not fun enough. I like lunch, recess and Idaho History, but that's pretty much it. On Fridays, we get to do something called Friday Fun Day. OK, how you can earn it:

We do these things called tickets. You can earn them by staying on task, doing something that deserves a reward and good things like that. You can also lose them if you do bad things. There are some students in my class who get in trouble so much that they don't have any tickets left. If you get 10 tickets, you can go to Friday Fun Day. I have 28 tickets. At Friday Fun Day, you can do lots of fun stuff. Last week was a boring Friday Fun Day. You could either stay inside and draw or read a book without even being able to talk since the kids who didn't get 10 tickets had to stay in and do Study Hall. The other choice was go outside and run relay races. I chose relays and it was fun. The girls were all on one team; they were kind of slow though. I ran almost 15 miles per hour, I'm telling you! After the races, the people who wanted to keep racing got to run from our playground to the fence which is far away from the playground. I got ahead of everybody and won the race successfully. I wish someone had put it on video because I could put it on here if they did! Oh well, though. School is a frenzy for me. I hope it's not for you. Enjoy school!

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