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Autographs, Anyone?

Hello again, readers. On behalf of my last post; my sister made me feel a little embarassed after talking to me about boys in my class on my post. She laughed, I did a fake smile, and that was that. At this time of year, the leaves change from green to yellow, orange, and red. Today, after my brother's football game (which they won) we drove by some bright red trees. Anyone would be able to see them; even blind people! That's how bright a red those trees were. In autumn, you also start wearing warm clothes (but in the morning, I have to wear like a sweatshirt and ski coat to be able to walk to school without freezing to death). On a website, there was a poll. The question was: What's your favorite part of autumn? The three choices were: 1. School starts 2. Changing of leaves 3. Warm clothing. I chose 2. Changing of leaves. When I pressed the Submit button, it said: 4% School starts 49% Changing of leaves 36% Warm clothing. Changing of leaves won!!! Anyway, I bet you're wondering what the point of my title is. The thing is, autumn is also a part of the year where me and my siblings become famous!!! Madison and Tanner, my older brothers, are famous in Timberline High School football. I'm famous in volleyball! In fact, today were my last games. My team and I had a tournament and we had to play 4 games! We did well in the second period of the first game. We did OK in the second game. In the third game, (no offense, my team) we were terrible! In the last game, we did better than the third. MUCH better, actually. Anyway, lots of people got to know my sport and they started cheering for me. OH, (ha ha ha), on the last game, when I served the ball, it landed in the basketball hoop! "Wrong sport, Abby!" my dad laughed when he heard the news. Everyone had laughed when I made the hoop. My coach was all, "Three points! Hurray!" She said her words sarcastically (of course). It was fun. In the football game, my Timberline beat Boise High School by 11 points. The score ended up being: Boise High, 20, Timberline, 31. It was an intense game (like all football games are). My grandparents came here all the way from Utah just to see my brothers play (my mom said that my grandparents wouldn't be able to go to my tournament because they wouldn't be here in time to see it. Pooey). Anyway, if you'd like an autograph from me, leave a comment on here and I'll send you my autograph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. That picture is a picture of my brother, Madison. Tanner isn't in it because this is football from last year and 2008 is Tanner's first year of high school football so yeah... Anyway, do you see Madison? He's #4!!!

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