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Holidays Galore!

To me, I feel like there's a holiday every week! It actually is true. From birthdays to Labor Day, Halloween to Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Year's Day! In my family, there's not quite a celebration every week, but we have a lot! First, we have eight birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Labor days, and lots more!!! I haven't posted for a while, and I apologize for that. Yesterday was Halloween, and I had the best time! I was a witch! It was a last minute costume. I was going to be an M&M until we couldn't find the costume! When I was standing with my friends at a door waiting for the door to open, these people with creepy costumes came towards us. I looked at them, and the guy with the pink monster face lifted the face and...GUESS WHO IT WAS?! It was Blake Ulrickson!!! My friends started freaking out; they were astonished! I laughed and said, "Blake? Is that you?" He didn't want to be embarrassed by his brother, who was with him. He said, "I don't know those girls." I laughed again and said, "Yes you do!" He followed me for the next few houses until me and my friends lost them! "Where'd Blake go?" I asked my friend Courtney and her twin sister, Candace. They shrugged and said, "I don't know! It's strange they'd disappear, though!" I nodded and we went on. A couple days before Halloween was Cooper the dog's birthday! He turned two years old! In human years he's 14 years old. I'm sad to be the youngest again, but Cooper's a man now! He's a teenager! Anyway, back to Halloween. When we finished Trick-or-Treating, we walked back to my friend Sophia Connaughton's house and counted our candy! Sophia, Candace, and Courtney had been to a Trick-or-Treat thing at their church so they had way more than me (Sophia, Candace and Courtney go to the same church, and they're Presbytarian...if that's how you spell it). I had 91 candies, Sophia had 109, Candace had 117, Courtney had 170, and Sophia's little sister Grace had 105. The person with the most candy got more candy because the losers had to give her one candy (when I told you how much candy people had, I took out the candies we had to give to Courtney, who was the winner). Anyway, when we finished counting, the doorbell rang. We ran to go get it. WHO WAS THERE?! Jake Mendiola was there!!! He was dressed up as Elvis Presley. Grace, who had never met him before, said, "You have a funny wig!" My friends and I laughed and Jake laughed too. We gave him candy and he left still giggling (at least that's what I heard). I'm sorry that I keep going back and forth with Halloween, but I just remember things and I go back to that scene. This scene I'm going to talk about was when my friends and I were Trick-or-Treating. There was this house that was covered in Halloween decorations! There were skeleton people (they weren't real, though) and one witch person was pretending to spin a spoon in her cauldron. She could talk and when I turned, I saw a human (a real one) standing there talking into a mini microphone. She was saying the same words the fake witch was saying. When we reached the doorstep, there was this smoke that made me feel dizzy. We had to grab the candy from a casket that had a fake skeleton body in there. There was this bowl next to it, which had the candy in it. When you tried to reach for a candy, a hand sitting in the middle of the bowl would grab you. I was quick and picked up two candies before the hand could get me (it wasn't a real hand). Anyway, now that it's November, stop acting spooky and get Turkey ready! Thanksgiving is coming up (and it's on my brother Parker's birthday). I can't wait! See you soon!
P.S. That picture is a picture of Cooper, in honor of his birthday! Happy birthday, Cooper!

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