The Truly Abigail Family


Flower Month

After April's rainshowers, May is going to bring flowers!!! If you look back at my oldest posts, you'll see a post on how I taught little kids how a flower grows. You need: sun, soil, water, and air to help a plant grow.

My mom and dad have been working in the yard a lot lately, and they've made a lot of discoveries like: some of my shoes, some stuffed animals. All of it was mine. Cooper really loves my scent!!!

So far, Idaho has had only rainshowers, and it's May! The flowers are growing, though. It's greener than a forest in Oregon!!! (You know how much rain Oregon gets, right?) The sun will come out soon; don't worry.



Meredith said...

Hi my little lovely!!!

It is rainy here in Salt Lake, too... soon enough we will both get our sunshine and flowers.

Are you making anything special for mother's day?

I love you!

madanimallover said...

Hi Abby!
Great Post! Ummmm........I will write one again today!
Oh and please check your e-mail.
I have some things I want to send you!