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My Resolutions

(Me going down the hill on a trash bag in Bend, Oregon)

I know it's been a month, but it's never too late to make some resolutions for yourself.

  1. Have all the fun I can while I'm still an immature kid.
  2. Don't be a party pooper by whining all the time.
  3. Make all the boys fall for me. (That would be a maybe.)
  4. Blog more often.
  5. Take more pictures.
  6. Be the best little cookie I can be.
  7. Put more effort into my work.
  8. Don't freak when I see someone creepy.
  9. Stay away from anything harmful, especially since I'm entering middle school here soon.
  10. Make the most out of this move.
  11. Let my mind go wild when making my new bedroom my style.
  12. Be a better friend.
  13. Don't worry just about me.
  14. Take Cooper on more walks.
  15. Limit my time on the computer. (No wonder I have glasses.)
  16. Work on my basketball skills more often.
  17. Make everyone I play in AAU say, "We lost because of that #10." (MY LUCKY NUMBER!!!)
  18. Don't go cuckoo over a boy like I did with you-know-who. When I think about it, "you-know-who" is a jerk.
  19. Help plan FHE and scripture study.
  20. When moving to Eagle, make sure to hang around more Mormon people, or friends who are less likely to drink and try stupid things in high school.
  21. Travel more.
  22. Go to Hidden Springs a ton!

Okay, that's a lot of resolutions, and I have WAY more, but let's just keep this short and legit: There's a lot I could do better.

So be like the video and go crazy! :)

New Song Obsession:

Baby - Justin Bieber (the only song I like by him!)

Peace out homie dawgs,

♥ Abigail ♥


maddie said...
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The Mangum Family said...
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Abigail Mangum said...
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Ashley said...

Baby is the best song in the history of songs!!!!!!!!!!!!