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April Showers Bring May Flowers!

As you might already know, rain is what helps plants grow. There's this phrase that people use that is very true! April Showers bring May Flowers! I asked some of my friends from my class if they knew the phrase, the weren't quite sure, but they knew that it was some kind of thing people would say in the end of April, getting into May. I sat with a bunch of little kids at school last month, teaching them about plants. We did little science experiments, and what a plant needs to grow. Since I have the challenging work at my school, I got to teach these young uns a cool plant lesson. This is exactly how I taught these little people: "What does a plant need to grow? Cookies? Candy? Even Oreos? NO! There are 4 things a plant needs to be a healthy plant. It needs soil, sun, water and air. That's it! While we need many fruits and vegetables, these plants don't necessarily EAT these things, the things come flowing by the plant, or falling on the plant in order to grow. It seems like they're small eaters aren't they? I would say so! Did you all know that plants hold oxygen that they give to us when we give them carbon dyoxide? That's cool huh? What does the rain do to help plants grow? It has special chemicals in it, producing items plants need. When it lands on the plant, an eensy weensy bit of green is covered on the plant! Hurray!" That is how I taught them about plants. This phrase is very true, flowers cover your garden in May after many rainstorms that happened in April. Hurrah!
P.S. The sunset pciture has a point. It's one of the things plants need to grow!


Meredith said...

You are so smart. Not only are plants beautiful, but they help us breathe better, too! I would be a lilly or a peony if I could be a flower. What would you be?

abbyalice said...

I would probably be a Petunia or a Rose.