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So lately my friends and I have been fiddling with this new system on Gmail, called Buzz. It's a lot like Twitter, where you can write a post with pictures, videos, and links and show it to your friends. I think the contemplation whether to make a Facebook account or not is decided. (:
All of my friends are still getting used to it. It can get confusing, but it's also convenient. It's like Gmail's version of Facebook. We love to update it whenever we can. There are at least ten new posts every day, all of which have several comments. Yeah, we're little talkers. No wonder the 5th grade teachers think of us as the most social grade they've ever had.
I guess this is a recommendation post. I really like this Buzz, but hopefully it won't take over the old-fashioned things we used to do, like chat in a box. I think that's here to stay, though. Thank you, Gmail, for adding Buzz!
If you'd like to join Gmail, just go to and the rest should be there.
Peace out homie dawgs,
♥ Abigail ♥
P.S. Went to Hidden Springs today. I fell in love, as always.

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Ashley said...

You and your Hidden Springs fantasies. :D tsk-tsk. :) JK. Yeah, Mrs. S refers to me as a "yapasaurous/chatosaurous". I have Matt to blame for that. :)