The Truly Abigail Family



My cousins, aunts, uncles, Grandparents are the coolest ever! My favorite cousins are my Mom's sister's kids. They're the best on Earth! There are 4 children in that family. There is Nicholas, Ruthie, Caroline and Hazel. The youngest is a baby. The oldest is about 1o or 11 years old. My brother Parker likes to give them rides. He will walk around with Ruthie and Caroline holding on to his legs. It gives Parker a good exercise. Hazel is so cute! She cries and drools a lot but is cuter than ever! Nicholas and I don't really get along with each other. He'd rather be with his cousin; Sadie. She's my cousin, too. They were next door neighbors until Sadie's family moved to Maryland, Rhode Island. In 2nd grade I had to draw a picture of myself. I got traced by one of my classmate's parents. Then I drew a picture of what I was wearing that day. Then we sent it to Sadie's family. They traveled to places like Washington D.C. and other places. Then they sent it back to me and I got to present it to my class. So, I love my family. I call my Dad's Mom Grandma, (Which is what most people call their Grandmothers) But my Mom's Mom, Nani. My Mom's Dad, Papa, and my Step Grandpa, Grandpa. My Mom's Dad died of uhhh I forgot. My Dad's dad died of an airplane crash. I love my family so much, they are the best things ever!
P.S. I couldn't find a picture of my family so I just did Blue Hills.

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