The Truly Abigail Family



I know that all Sports are fun. Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, etc. are all sports. My 3 favorite sports are: 1, Basketball, 2, Volleyball and 3, Kickball. I don't like Football. I know what Touchdowns and Interceptions are. It's just I don't understand the game that well and they're sort of boring to me. I love Basketball because I know the meaning of the game and I like to play it with my 3 brothers. (Well, mostly 2 because one's in college) I like Volleyball because it's fun to use your arms in the game and because my Mom used to play and is still really good. Baseball isn't my favorite sport. I love Kickball and they're similar with each other but for some reason I like Kickball way better than Baseball. Soccer is pretty fun because my sister plays for the college of BSU. Well, she DID play Soccer. But she retired because she tore her ACL (which is a place in your knee that keeps your leg stable. At least that's what I think) for the 2nd time. So she medically retired and is now in the Nursing Program. Anyway, I hope all of you play a sport! Remember, it's a way to keep you fit!

P.S. This is my brother's basketball team. My brother is #12 on that team!!!!!

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