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The Other Side of the Rainbow

People wonder what's on the other side of a rainbow. Some believe there's gold, others believe it leads to a cave full of treasure. Well, to tell you the truth, it's just a phrase people use to make the other person crack up. When I was younger I always thought there was toys, candy, and all the things a kid could wish for at the end of a rainbow. There are 7 colors in the rainbow. Some people think there's only 6 colors because the forget one important color: Indigo. Here's the rainbow in order. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and last but not least, Purple. I made up this little folk tale that you might want to hear. Here it is: "Ahem! Let this wonderful and fantastic folk tale, BEGIN!" (The Story) "Once, a little orphan boy named Barnie was playing his Great-great-great-great-great-great Grandfather's old banjo in the yard of the Orphanage. It started to rain. Rain clouds poured great huge drops of rain on Barnie's head. The raindrops were so huge they were the size of a FOOTBALL!!! So Barnie rushed inside to keep dry. He watched the thundering raindrops. A clap of thunder electrecuted one of the orphans. The kids screamed their eyes out! The Orphange Foster Mother rushed outside and picked up old Stevie, who had been at the Orphanage for 20 years and still no one to adopt him. He was dead alright, gone forever. When the huge rainstorm ended, Old Stevie was rushed to the Hospital and Barnie then saw a rainbow. Barnie wondered what was at the end of it. That night, Barnie couldn't sleep. His mind was full of thoughts about the rainbow. Barnie covered himself in his cozy blanket, found a candle, and went outside. The rainbow was still there. It was vanishing, but Barnie had enough time to get to the end if he hurried. Barnie ran and ran until he was halfway there. His blanket was very wet and droopy, the candle had died out, and Barnie was too tired to go on. Barnie found a tree stump to rest on. When Barnie looked at the rainbow, the rainbow started moving towards him! Barnie didn't notice that there was a secret cave right behind where he was sitting. Barnie started melting into his beloved blanket, he was too young for this kind of trip. Barnie didn't notice the rainbow was right behind him. Barnie slept in his balnket. He could not be seen in his blanket. In the morning, everything was dry, and the rainbow was having its last moments to shine. Barnie woke himself up, and saw the rainbow vanishing away. At last, Barnie turned to see the rainbow right behind him! The rainbow vanished the second he looked at the secret cave. The cave opened and when he went in, there was a note sitting on a rock. It said: "Fooled ya! It's just a phrase! What's at the end of a rainbow? A long trip for nothing! Ha ha ha ha!" Barnie frowned and ripped the note to pieces. Barnie walked back to the Orphanage, a frown on his face the whole way. When he got back, he slept until lunchtime. The end!" That's my story! I hope you enjoyed it!

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Meredith said...

I LOVED your story! You are so imaginative, creative and really know how to create suspense. I still think a GAP store, or an Ann Taylor Loft resides at the end of a rainbow. What do you think?

I think we both know what Cooper wants at the end of a rainbow. Other dogs to play with, a trampoline, and the family's red and white snowflake fleece blanket- Cooper is a happy camper. Oh and maybe throw in some loaves of bread for him to hide and us to find weeks later.