The Truly Abigail Family


This is My Dog

I have a dog whose name is Cooper. He's a Black Lab mix. You might recognize him from my sister's blogspot. If you go to my sister's blogspot you'll see a picture of me holding Cooper in my arms. I play with Cooper and walk him. We have a trampoline that we play on every day. On April 12th, 2008, I turned the garden hose on and got the trampoline and I all wet! Cooper is afraid of water so whenever I turned the hose on he'd run all the way back to the inside of our house. Then when I turned the water off Cooper would come running back. Cooper has this amazing talent. If Cooper and I are jumping on the tramp, and a dog comes walking by, Cooper will run the the corner of the sideyard whch is where the trampoline is and jump up so his head is above the fence! Then he'll start barking at the dog. At night, Cooper sleeps in my room at the foot of my bed. When he's dreaming, he'll bark in his sleep. When my friends come over, Cooper will give them a friendly attack. My friends and I would laugh and giggle, petting Cooper. You may think Cooper is a wild dog, which he is, but he's the friendliest, happiest and cutest dog I've ever seen. Well, here he comes with a frisbee! I better go fetch with him! See you later!

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