The Truly Abigail Family



Hi again, readers. Today I would just like to talk about my three brothers and my one sister. They're annoying sometimes, but they're mostly made of fun! The oldest brother is Parker, 23, Meredith, 21, Madison, 17, and Tanner, 15. Tonight I went to Tanner and Madison's football game. We were against a high school called Borah. They won, though. :( The score was Timberline High School (my brothers' team), 34, Borah High School, 38. It was a really close game. Borah made a last minute touchdown and we thought we were doomed. And we were. My mom is one of the big supporters. She almost cried when we had a bad play. I got kind of annoyed by that, but I lived. Anyway, brothers and sisters can be annoying, but they can be fun in some way.

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