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Sunday: Church, Scouting, etc.

Today was Sunday, September 28th. Everything is fabulous when it comes to Sunday. First, we went to church. Then, we relaxed and had a wonderful afternoon lunch with each member of the family. I had sit in a small chair in the corner of the table because my older brother, Parker, came to visit my family. He lives and goes to college in Provo, Utah. After lunch, we got back into our nice church clothes and drove to our church. My brothers got their Eagle Scout Award. It was from the Boy Scouts of America. My brothers, Tanner and Madison, got personal letters from the mayor of New York, the mayor of Idaho, American Canidate (I think), and from President George W. Bush. I freaked out when the speaker announced that George W. Bush sent my brothers a letter! After the Court of Honor, we all went into my church's gym for refreshments (the proper way to say "food and drink"). Now I just got home from the meeting and so now I'm blogging my head off! Before I started blogging my head off, Parker started driving back to Utah. :( Well, it was fun while it lasted. So see y'all next time (which is more likely to be tomorrow)!
P.S. I know I look weird in those white clothes, but they were to be worn for my baptism. You see, my brother Madison baptized me when I was eight years old. We had to walk in water and I had to be pushed underwater so all my sins (mistakes) could be washed away. It was joyous moment.

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