The Truly Abigail Family


I'm Off

With a hug and a wave and a goodbye, I'm off for a delightful weekend. I write in my diary and walk my dear dog, Cooper. All these things are SO much fun to do. It helps me relax.

But there's something I'm missing: Meredith. She's five hours away from me and my family. She's in Utah living the life of a nurse and a roommate. She's visiting all her friends (or should I say girlfriends), Jess Kruger, Julie Anderson, and her roommates. It makes me sad having to lose my opera voice, for me and Meredith used to sing our names in an opera voice. "Abigaaaaail!" she would sing. "Merediiiiiith!" I would sing.

But with friends and family by my side, I'll never have to worry. If she keeps on e-mailing me and commenting on my posts I'll know she's still there. She's my favorite sister, and my only sister. Love you, sis.


Meredith said...

Oh my goodness- a post dedicated to ME?!?!

I had just finished reviewing for my big nursing test, when I thought to check your blog.. to find that you wrote about ME!!

I hope you have such a good weekend- and enjoy sleeping in, and staying up late.

I am always here, for you. I love you so much my little sister!

madanimallover said...

HI Abby.
I think it is so amazingly nice to dedicate a post to your sis.
I can tell that you love her so so so much.
And I love my family too....of course!
You must miss her a ton!
When is she coming back? ... to visit