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Sick for Love

Since Sunday I have had a VERY sore throat. It got worse and worse and today I had to stay home from school. My throat burns and it hurts to swallow. I will be drinking TONS of refreshing Coke and icy water. I need the fluids, people!

I've been coughing, but the coughs never seem to go away. Sometimes I can't even breathe because the coughs come out automatically occasionally.

My friend Courtney came along to the Timberline vs. Boise basketball game yesterday (unfortunately, we didn't win the Wii from the raffle). I saw Blake, and I found out his dad is the assistant coach for Boise's varsity team.

I felt HORRIBLE after the game last night. My throat BURNED, and I had one too many cupcakes at the senior night dinner. Almost threw up in front of everyone.

But now I have Children's Tylenol in my stomach, and I feel refreshed. And I could use some more later today.

One more thing, though. Will I make it to the Valentine's Party tomorrow? Will I feel better tomorrow? Don't know, but we're going to have to take some chances. Sorry if I don't make it tomorrow! This is the worst cold I've ever had (literally).

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madanimallover said...

Abby all we and ny we I mean me,Olivia , Courtney, and Kami can hope for is for you to be at school tomorrow.
I feel so bad for you I know how it feels to have a sour throat.
It stinks!
it makes you misarable and you get hungry but you don't want to swallow anything!
We missed you at school and I have a present for you for Valentine's Day but if you aren't at school tomorrow I'll give it to you on Monday!
If you are feeling better.
Eghther way I'll get the present to you.