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A Day without Freezing: Winter Conclusion

Finally, it's warm. Spring's right around the corner. I walked out of the school building without a coat a ton yesterday and today. And now that means me and my friends can lie out in the sunny spot me and my friends discovered (and it's near the brick wall where we line up). SO relieving.

And after buying Cooper all those chew toys, he buried them up, and now that the weather's warm, we can discover his chew toys (and we'll also have to pick up a lot of the waste he left over the winter. EW!).

And we will be able to celebrate the one-year anniversary of my blog. I will make it the most fun post ever believed to be seen. Polls will be seen on every post during anniversary week. Be sure to visit in the second week of April!

Also, you all need to expect rainshowers. It'll be at least drizzling many times in spring. I've got my cute pink and white umbrella and some pink outfits that are perfect for rainshowers. I won't want to use my umbrella much, though. I love to get my hair soaked. I love rain.

So, say goodbye to winter, and say hello to spring! I'll be going to Target a lot to prepare for spring (Shoe Carnival, too). Have a great rest of February (probably won't write until March because I'm busy walking dogs).

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madanimallover said...

Hi Abby!
Its maddie and I agree EW! To coopers waste. It's sorta funny how you put it ( waste)
yeah it is gettting warmer but it rained a little yesterday and it was still warm!