The Truly Abigail Family



It's cool how much impact excitement has on you. I get excited A LOT! Sometimes I cry tears of joy because I'm so excited. When my mom said she was going to make chicken parmesean I was all, "Yay!" I don't know what gets me to be so excited all the time. SO...Really, Abby, you just have to be excited twenty-four seven? YES...Really, I just have to be excited twenty-four seven.



Be excited all you can! It makes things more fun.


madanimallover said...

K Abby! I'll be exited.
Oh wait I am exited! No wait I'm Hyper no wait i'm really hyper.
WAIT! I am super hyper maddie !
WAIT WAIT WAIT! I got it al wrong!
I am super duper hyper maddie reporting for duty of the hyper person! WAIT that did not make any sense at all! don't you think?
If i write any more on my coment it will be like a mini post and why am I explaining things? HYPER HYPER! BE exited and HYper ! ha ha ha ha LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!
I'm litterly laughing out out loud!
I just had so mucg chocolate! makes me HYPER!
MAddie super hyper maddie reporting for hyper duty person!

Meredith said...

You are so wise my little lovely one- excitement for something is one of the best parts in life. Looking forward to something is apart of the excitement in whatever you are going to do.

With these kind of posts coming from your ten year old mouth, should I be expecting to see you in scrubs and a white lab coat next time I am home- as you will have already obtained your vet degree? :)

I love you! And I miss you!