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Christmas Celebration!

I'm so excited for Christmas! Yesterday my class had to watch the dress rehearsal of the Christmas program for K-3 grades. The name of their program is Sights and Sounds of the Season. My choir's Christmas program is coming soon! It's called Cool Yule. My solo part is fantastic, except I need to think of some dance moves before Tuesday. Anyway, I think I've fallen too much in love with Blake. Almost every girl in my class knows I like Blake, and happily none have told. If they did, the person they told would come up to me and say, "You like Blake?" I've become more social than before with "crushes." I really hope he likes my part. He better love it! Ha ha ha! Just joking. But seriously, I hope Blake likes it. Christmas is on its way! We've put up our Christmas lights already, and we got our tree. Our house smells like pine whenever we come in the house (despise the fact it also smells like my stinky feet). All we need to do now is hang up our ornaments and we're set! Christmas Break starts the week after next week. I can't wait! The only sad thing is I'll be away from Blake for three weeks! OK, I really need to forget about that cutie for a while. I need to have a relaxing weekend, and then start all over with the cuteness in Blake next week! Then, for three weeks, forget (Blake's birthday will be on the last week of Christmas break). OK, stop it, parentheses, you make me want to cry having to be away from Blake for two days. My friend Olivia admitted Blake kind of is cute, but she doesn't want to crush on him. I didn't care, for I will love Blake for a while, probably. AAAAAAAHHHHHH! I really need to stop! The cuteness of Blake is taking over! OK, I will now calm down and talk about celebrating Christmas. Let me begin: Blake-oops, start again: Christmas is a time where you celebrate Jesus' birth and open presents! I'm really excited; it's in less than two weeks! And now that I'm a two-digit number, I have more power at Christmas! Get ready for power! Two-digit power! Anyway, I'll blog probably next week and talk...well, you know what. About the cute boy who I can't seem to relax about! He's too cute!

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