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Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

I have a quiz for everyone who reads this post.

Question: Who likes Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day? Who likes Christmas Day more than Christmas Eve?

Leave a comment saying CD if you like Christmas Day more than Christmas Eve.
Leave a comment saying CE if you like Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


Meredith said...


(Both Christmas Eve and Day).

The Amazing Adventures of Eliza said...
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Eliza said...


I like your blog Abby!


abbyalice said...

Hey, Eliza! You never told me you had a blog! OK, so I click on your name on the comment, but it says you don't have any blogs. Do you have an account but not a blog? I can teach you how to get one if you want me to! I'm Super Abby, ready to save the day!

color of sunshine said...

I can't decide. I like da waiting and the opening of presents. I like 2 linger. It's not usually what a kid does for c-mas but I luv it!! =D