The Truly Abigail Family


Graduation Celebration

Today was a wonderful day. My sister graduated! I got to miss school this morning to go to the gradutation. My grandparents came for the celebration. They took us to Red Robin for lunch. I had a chocolate Monster Milkshake and spaghetti. Later we had a graduation party for my sister, Meredith. Many people came including Mrs. Tate, my 4th grade teacher. Meredith's good friend, Derek Erstad, came over and gave Meredith a nice purse. She absolutely loved it. Christmas Break has officially started! I'm so excited! Christmas is in less than a week. No school for two weeks, either! December has been a festive month for me and my family. I've loved this year. Being 9-10 years old has been fun. It's time for me to begin my life as a tween. I will soon be a teen. The age limit for a tween is 10-12 years old. It's time to rock!!!

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