The Truly Abigail Family


We're Already Celebrating!

Today my family started celebrating Christmas early! We got a new HDTV! It's awesome! We've already set it up. Right now we're watching the Poinsettia Bowl. I'm typing on Meredith's laptop. I had a basketball camp and it was both tiring and fun. My brother's basketball coach named Coach Roberts was the teacher of the camp. Some of the Varsity Girls' Basketball Team players helped out with the camp. We had a shooting contest and my team won almost every single time both days! We only lost twice and we had like a million contests. We had some relays, too. I got a T-shirt for coming to the camp. Anyway, back to football. I hope BSU wins! My sister graduated from that college. She got to graduate with Ian Johnson who is a famous football player. It showed a photo of when BSU won the Fiesta Bowl and Ian was proposing to his girlfriend who was a BSU cheerleader. Tomorrow our friends the Peays are coming. We have gifts for them, and they have gifts for us. I love what they bring me. My parents bought presents for me and my siblings to open on Christmas Eve. I love being able to celebrate Christmas early. Well, it's time to go. BSU has made a touchdown and I want to see them make more! Happy Holidays!

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