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Election Day

It's only two days before Election Day! Election Day isn't so much a holiday, but you can call it a holiday if you'd like! It happens every four years, like Leap Day, so...I guess so! My family is voting for John McCain in the Republican party. The polls say that Barack Obama's winning (pooey). On this website called (go there), it once said that there was this commercial that might hurt Barack Obama's plans (thank you, whichever commercial you are!). My mom told me that the good thing about Democrats are that they take care of the environment. I love plants, but I'd rather have lower taxes. My mom said that if Barack Obama wins, my family will struggle in taxes (oh no)! So, because of that, I have some ideas that will make our bills lower than before.
Tip #1: Turn off the computer when you're done using it (that helps save electricity bills)
Tip #2: Turn off the light when you leave a room (that's been a problem with my brothers)
Tip #3: Turn off the TV when you're done watching it (another problem with my brothers)
Tip #4: Don't leave the faucet running when you finish washing your hands or washing the dishes (that helps save water bills)
Tip #5: Buy a house that's cheap (you won't have to pay so many housing bills!)
Those are my ideas! On the last idea, we bought a pretty expensive house so we're having to pay like $1,000 a month! Maybe more! And a Republican president is in the White House! My mom said that it would take a while for the taxes to go up if Barack wins (phew!). Anyway, vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin! It's the only way! You want low taxes, so vote for the Republican Party! Vote now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but for John McCain)

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