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The Sniffing Adventures of Cooper Almighty

This is a post dedicated to my dog, Cooper, in honor of how he sniffs his way through life:

Once, there was a clever black labrador mix named Cooper. He knew everything about impressing girls. He was known as "Tough Luck." Cooper was a secret agent for a spy network. He was given disguises, privileges, and a real personality. One day, as Cooper was driving in his black convertible, a lady dog stopped him. "What's up?" Cooper smiled. "Can I join you, handsome?" the lady dog asked trying to be as romantic as she could be. "If I can get to know your name, yes," Cooper replied impatiently. "My name's Connie Bonebreaker," she said. Cooper nodded and let her in. They drove off. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a huge green slimy monster came! "I WANT DOGGIES!" the monster yelled. "I WANT SOME DOGGIES FOR DINNER!" "I'll stop him!" Cooper said. He got a monster-blasting shooting ray set up, but before he knew it, Connie was trapped by the monster! Cooper shot his ray at the monster but only a tiny hole appeared in the monster's stomach. "Aw, shucks!" Cooper said. He got a bigger ray set up and shot that ray at the monster. A bigger hole appeared. Then Cooper knew what to do. He had to find the biggest monster-shooting ray possible! Cooper found tools and built a huge ray. He shot it at the monster. The monster vanished! Connie fell but Cooper was quick enough to catch her in his arms. "My hero," Connie said. She kissed Cooper. They climbed in the car and drove away, ready for more dangers to come.

That's the end! I hope you enjoyed it. Keep living gracefully, Cooper!

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Meredith said...

Your imagination just blows me away! And you wrote such a fun story so quickly- a true gift, my love. Look forward to hearing more about our boy Cooper, and his undercover life we don't know about, while we're away from home during the day...