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Saddened, but Happy

Yesterday, my dad told me that my neighbor's dog who I walk was moving to the owner's son's house. I was saddened, but also happy. The dog's name is Hailey, and she moved to her owner's son's house where another dog is. They're going to be best friends, but I lost a customer in dog walking and Hailey was one of my good friends. It's going to be sad having to move on. I've never been so sad in my life about a dog. My sister tells me I'm more likely to see Hailey again and that it's cool how a dog can make you so happy. It's like a person's best friend! I felt better, but not completely. The neighbors are very nice, and Hailey made it nicer. I can't get over it, and I never will. I'll have to move on. It's my only choice. BUT, if only I could see Hailey for one last time, I would be ever so grateful. If I do see Hailey again, I'm going to kiss all over her face (let's hope my dog, Cooper, doesn't think I'm cheating on him because I won't). Hailey and Cooper were best friends. I felt like there was a connection between them, even though Hailey's much older than Cooper. I have a feeling Cooper's going to miss her, too. They went on walks together every so often. My friend and I would go walking through the park. My friend would hold Hailey's leash and I would hold Cooper's. Hailey is a Chocolate Lab, and she's a little overweight, but I don't care. I like her by the way she is. I'm going to miss Hailey so dearly; oh my goodness, I'm about to cry! Well, that brings an end to this post. I will try to write more happy posts; sorry if I'm trying to make you cry, but I'm not. Goodbye, readers. Goodbye, Hailey, I will miss you oh so dearly. You're the one (including Cooper) who makes me want to walk dogs more than anything else. You make my day (along with Cooper). OK, I'm crying. Goodbye everyone.

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