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Happiness All Over

This week has been one of the happiest ever. I learned that Hailey the dog is staying, Twilight the movie came on Friday, BYU plays University of Utah, snow fell here in Boise, and on Thursday my birthday was going to be exactly two weeks away! It's less than two weeks now! It's less than a week for my brother. Today is my Webkinz' birthday! She turned two years old! It's crazy! Cooper is now officially married to Hailey. This is how Hailey got to stay: OK, so Hailey was going to belong to the owner's son until the son's son came in. The owner's son already had two dogs; a yellow lab and a dachsund. The dachsund was very wild, so the owner's son wanted to give it to his neighbor. The owner's son's son (the owner's name is Marsha) didn't want to give the dachsund away so he cried and cried and begged and begged for the dachsund to stay. When I learned this, I wanted the boy to keep crying. My wish came true! Marsha's son finally got tired of his son's whining, so he let Hailey stay!!! He didn't want to take three dogs, either. If I ever see that little boy, I'm going to thank him so dearly. I'm going to say this: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" He might be confused, but oh well! At least Hailey stays! I hope Marsha wasn't mad about having Hailey stay, and if she ever wants to give her up, I'm going to beg and beg and beg to bring Hailey home with us. I don't want her taken to the Humane Society. I call that place "The Nasty Pound." I wish I could bring every dog home with me. My friend loves animals, too, so she said that if she became president, she would build a huge animal care place where killing animals and animals being put to sleep is forbidden. It would have lots of water, food, and play toys. The building would be so big that every animal in need could have lots of personal space. I hate hearing about animals being abused or neglected. I especially hate watching animal cops or animal hospitals (not like a vet clinic, but like serious injuries). Animals look so beat up. I'm so glad dog fighting became illegal. I heard a really good football player got arrested for doing that. If your dog loses the fight, it will be so beat up you have to put it to sleep. It gives me the shivers thinking about it. Happiness has come all over me. I love life the way it is.

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