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Thanksgiving = Traveling and Performances

I love Thanksgiving, and that's why I post more in the fall than any other season. Fall is my favorite season. I don't even care that school starts in fall (actually, it's summer when you start school, but who cares?). When I think of Thanksgiving, I know it's time to travel! Every single Thanksgiving, my family and I drive down to Utah to celebrate. This year, Thanksgiving is on my brother Parker's birthday! He turns 24! It might sound awkward that I actually have a single brother who's turning 24, and I'm only 9 1/2 (my birthday is exactly a week after Thanksgiving. I'll be turning 10!). In Utah, we stay at my Grandma's house (my dad's mom). She has a huge house, so there's plenty of room! Her house is a 3-storey house! When my cousins from Las Vegas come to visit my Grandma, too, my family has to sleep in the basement while my cousins are being pampered two stories up. I sigh at that fact. The basement is warm, though, except it's loud in there. The attic is there, and the washing machine stays in the attic, which keeps me up for an hour until finally I get used to the sound and I fall asleep. I'm skipping a day of school to go to Utah (yippee!). I have lots of performances that have to do with Thanksgiving. I'm constantly practicing parts, trying to memorize them (my mom makes me). I love being able to see family on Thanksgiving, and I'm glad to have a holiday where you can be thankful for what you have. There's a place past Salt Lake City called Thanksgiving Point, and to be able to enter, you have to say something you're thankful for. I've never been in, but Parker has. He's a happy camper in Utah! We're going to stay in Utah for two days, and then we'll take the 4 1/2 hour trip back home. On Thursday, December 4th, my birthday comes! Lots of girls my age love this topic, but others don't. I'm going to Build-A-Bear Workshop! We've already booked the party, and I'm going to prepare invitations soon! I'm very excited! Anyway, have a happy Thanksgiving! I'll try to post soon!

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