The Truly Abigail Family


Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving; a time where you get together, eat delicious meals, and verify what you're thankful for. I love Thanksgiving. It's a time where we get to travel to Utah. We went to Utah on Tuesday night (I got to miss school on Wednesday. Yes!!!). We do this every year so my dad's side of the family can get together for a huge dinner. I got to sit at the teenager and college student table. 3 lucky people got birthday presents, too. Those people are my cousin, Brooke, who was going to turn 7 years old, my brother, Parker, who was going to turn 24 years old, and me, Abby, who is going to turn 10 years old. We have the dinner the night before Thanksgiving. I don't know why, but I don't mind. Before the dinner, we went to a place called Body Worlds. It's a museum where they show models of real human bodies that died. We saw a glass case of all the nerves (they were real); they were so cool! We went on an escalator that had a screen that showed blood cells going down a body. It felt like you were going down with it! It was so cool. Thanksgiving Day was Parker and Brooke's birthday. Parker's birthday present was a drive home back to Boise for the weekend. His girlfriend, Meegan Small, came home with us. About an hour after getting home, we went to a movie. I saw Twilight!!! Oh my gosh, that movie was so good! The author of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer, was in the movie. Robert Pattinson who plays Edward Cullen the vampire is so cute!!! I can't get over his hotness! I saw it for a second time last night. Now I'm reading the book. I'm telling you, go see Twilight! Dang, I wish I could upload his picture on here. Robert Pattinson also plays Cedric Diggery in Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire. I love you, Robert!


Meredith said...

I am willing to share Rob with only one person, and one person only: you, my sweet sister. Only you.

abbyalice said...

Thank you, Meredith. Robert is a complete hottie, and only the Mangum Sisters can have him.