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Westward We Go!

Eastward we hate! The west is much better than the east in my opinion. More country and more celebrities live in the west. Even though many actors and actresses live in New York, most live in California. Idaho is a great state, too (it's the 13th largest state). Many history is in its borders. When my family went skiing at Sun Valley last year, Meredith spotted a model who is on makeup commercials. Glamorous! The east is so 100 years ago! West is the new style and will be for the rest of USA's time here on earth. There's more skiing in the west, and that's so much fun! So, if you live in the east where all the hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes are, move to the west, people! There have been fewer things destroyed than the east (especially Louisiana). Super Abby is not going to save people who live in the east and are in need of help because there is a hurricane. You had to listen to my instructions! Move to the west! That was one simple command, and if you don't follow it, your lives will end in hurricanes (the only thing safe about hurricanes is the eye of the hurricane). OK, I'm sorry for overreacting. I'm just so freaked out because people die in these things. I can't believe lots of people want to live in Louisiana! I mean, that's where the most hurricanes and tornadoes occur! If you don't agree with me, then I'll prove it! There has been like three hurricanes in Louisiana already. New Orleans has been losing its population because of those hurricanes. Rarely anyone moves in. It's simple. A hurricane occurs, over 100 people die, and that's that! The city has lost its population by 100! So, if you want to live longer, I suggest you MOVE TO THE WEST! OK, it's poll time!

Question: Which side of USA do you like better? East or West?

Type in E for east or W for west. Vote now!


madanimallover said...

Go Idaho! Abby check my blog in about a half hour I will have a new post up!

madanimallover said...

abby I think it was funny how you said Super Abby!

madanimallover said...

West all the way!