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There's nothing better than knowing you get a break for a while. Ahhhhhhh, just thinking about it makes me want to go back in time when I saw a happy face on Blake when he saw me at the game on Saturday. I was wearing my spirit gear (skinny jeans, Timberline Basketball shirt, beaded necklaces, and blue and white bows in my ponytail) and cheering for Timberline (the JV team was playing at the time). Blake walked in with a red sweatshirt, a red cap, and a blue shirt. A BLUE shirt?! Why was he wearing blue? That's Timberline color! I never mentioned it, though, for I couldn't take my eyes off Blake's peachy face. I really wanted a picture with him. He'd think I'm weird, though. Meredith saw him, but didn't didn't actually "meet" him. She said he was VERY attractive. I know, Meredith. He's cuter than the cutest boy in the world. Oh! Then that means he's topped the cutest boy in the world and HE is now the cutest! This might be crazy, but now I can't wait for February 10th! That's when Timberline plays Boise again! The thought of seeing Blake at a game again makes me want time to go by fast. I have also told my friends about the blogging progress, and one friend made a blog. Her blog adress is: Click on it! Her template is exactly like mine, and she has cool posts! She started the day I was going to go the basketball game where I'd see the boy of my dreams. I have decided we're going to be friends, though. It's going to be tough, but I'll make it sooner or later. Anyway, enjoy life as it is!


madanimallover said...

Hi Abby!
That's so nicYour a great friend and nice of you to put my blog name on one of your posts!
Thanks so much!
Thanks for commenting on my blog too! I will be puting up a new post
at about 4:45-4:50!
So check it out!

madanimallover said...

SO abby yo ustill think Blake is so cute but he's just your friend.
Seems like you had fun at the game thats good!
and when the next game comes around letme know all about t!
and I know it seems like alot of posts i am going to add on tomorrow about HMMMMMMM!
do you know who that is?

Meredith said...

Hello the love of my life! Weekends are the greatest huh? Everyone needs a break every now and then! So I made it safe and sound to Salt Lake- miss you already!