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The Days of Our Lives

Living is so much fun, I tell you! I still wonder what it's like to die, though. I hope to die when I'm 100 years old, though! My brother, Tanner, says that left-handed women die sooner than right-handed women. I don't think it's true, though! Scientists lie sometimes! I mean, how do your body parts affect your living? I don't know! Blake talks to me as if he doesn't like me. My friend, Ashley Travis, said boys do that so their friends won't tease them. Pretty much everyone knows about our love for each other, so...yeah. Back to living. Time seems to go by slowly. I mean, I still have 90 years to live! When I was at Hastings one day, I saw a book called, 100 Places to Visit Before you Retire or Die. If I ever get a gift card to Hastings I'm going to buy that book. I love to travel, and I'd love to travel the world! I have a life to live, and if I want to live longer, I better eat healthy, I better not smoke, and I better exercise my heart out. I'm Super Abby disguised as an athletic trainer! Follow my three rules! Rule #1: Eat healthy. If you eat junk food, you'll get fat and you'll have a harder time exercising. Rule #2: Don't smoke. If you smoke, your lungs will turn black and you'll more likely die at an early age. Rule #3: Exercise your heart out! See rule #1. If you follow these rules you live a long life and you'll be able to travel the world! We all have a life to live, and if we spend it doing nothing, it won't be a very happy life. Go ahead and live your life! Ay...Ay...Ay...! That is a song call Live your Life! It has Rihanna and I think Timbaland. You can find it on iTunes! If you don't have iTunes, download it now!!!
P.S. You can also live a long life by playing sports. Look at my brothers! They're sure to live a long life! never know!


madanimallover said...

Hey Abby!
Hmmm! is really Matt R!
it's just a way so his friends don't know who we are talking about.
remember we talked about him today!

madanimallover said...
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