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Time Flies

It's already 2009! Yesterday our friends the Peays came over to play games with us. One game was called Scattergories. OK, here's how it works. Someone who is playing gives you list. Let's say #1 says, "A Boy's Name." Someone at the table rolls the letter dice (it has every single letter of the alphabet) and whichever letter someone rolls the dice on, and when the three-minute timer starts, you have to try and write down one boy's name that starts with the key letter. Let's say the key letter is "B." Of course, you all know who I'd pick. I'd write down "Blake." Then you do the same thing with the second question except it's a different topic. Try to fill in all 12 blanks before time runs out (you can skip some if you can't think of anything). The Peays' daughter, Ashley, came over with them. Ashley's boyfriend came over and together we had the countdown! I got to say "5...4...3...2...1...Happy New Year!" When that was over, I opened the game called Boggle. You have to try to build as many words as you can with the cubes (they have letters on them). I was on my own, so I didn't follow the rules. I just made a funny phrase: "LIPS THAT BURN FIRE." Everyone laughed at my prank (well, it wasn't so much a prank, but...). Oh, I almost forgot, when it was 10:00 here in Idaho, it was midnight for people in the eastern side. Robbie Madison (a 27-year-old who set a motorcycling record) rode up a ramp that was 10 stories high, and then went down a 5-storey ramp. It was bumpy and dangerous, though. Robbie had a possibility of dying in this, but it was a success. His left hand got bloody though. It was so big a cut, the cut could open and close as if it were a mouth! I was creeped out by this. I'm glad I could celebrate a happy new year, and I hope you had a great one! Happy 2009!

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