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Busy as a Bee

Woah, everything's been out of date! I've been so busy lately; I need to fix up! I have think through polls on my blog, when to write on my blog (I will from now on blog on even days like January 12th, 14th, 16th, etc.), which dog to walk and when (Cooper must be every day), doing things that have to do with school, and a lot more. It's been hard to handle! At least I have sports out of the way (for me, it is). I don't have practices anymore. I also am pondering on things like if I should take a break from dance or stay. Tonight is the night!!! AWWWW!!!! (angels coming down from heaven) The basketball game is tonight! I will HOPEFULLY (I probably will) see Blake! I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (1,000,000 REALLYS) want Meredith to meet Blake. It will be so nice. I asked if he was going on Monday, and he said yes. On Thursday, I made sure, he said probably. I reminded him yesterday, he said yep! It's wonderful! Everyone thinks my hopes shouldn't be up that high, but I am SURE he will be there. If he's not, I will cry my eyes out! Anyway, I'm busy, so don't bother me!!!! Just kiddin'! Enjoy the new year, and enjoy what Jauary has to offer.
P.S. You're goin' down, Boise Braves. Timberline Wolves are quick enough to not be killed. We can also EAT YOU UP! No offense, Blake.

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madanimallover said...

hey abby!
did you have a good time at the game?
let me know how it went,
did blake show up to the game?
GO TIMBERLINE! I hope they won!
let me know! i will put up a new post now