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Poll: What Option?

Well, maybe I HAVEN'T thought it through THAT long. I need other people's opinions. So, here is a poll:

Should I keep crushing on Blake?

Should I keep think of Blake as a friend?

Type in CB if you want me to keep crushing.

Type in FB if you want me to keep thinking of Blake as my friend.


Meredith said...

FB. Get to know him first my little love, then maybe someday a crush will happen more naturally.

madanimallover said...

Hey abby!
this is maddie!
I think I like Merideth's comment
But i do think you maybe should still like him
so here is my answer.
CB or FB

abbyalice said...

Thanks for your comments! Olivia says CB, but since I'm only 10 years old, I think being friends with a boy would be much better. Thanks again!