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2009 is Lookin' Fine

Things are pretty much back to normal! Meredith finally came home, and we went back to school. Meredith gets a big break because she's done with school. She'll be leaving for Utah in about a week and a half. 2009 is going to be a great year; I can feel it! It was nice being able to see Blake again. Today was his birthday! He brought delicious M&M cookies! He hung out with the girls at morning recess today (of course, I'm a part of the big group of about eight girls). I am REALLY starting to think Blake likes me back. Olivia and Lauren say that they "sense it." Oh, and if you want to say Blake's name out loud, you can't say his real name. You must say "BLACK." It's the code name Olivia and I made up. It was too bad that I had to go to G.A.T.E. When I go to that class, I have to miss two recesses! G.A.T.E stands for Gifted and Talented Education. There are different subjects to G.A.T.E, and I'm in Writing. I love to write so much!!! The teacher, Mrs. Lundbohm (let's hope I spelled that right), told me about a magazine where they put stories in. She suggested I write a book and put it in a Children's Magazine, then the editor of the magazine will read my story and put it in! It'd be a dream come true, I'm telling you! Anyway, I like Blake, I think he likes me back. Perfect. Oh, almost forgot. I cheer for Timberline, Blake cheers for Boise. Timberline and Boise will play against each other on Saturday and I'm going! Blake's going, too! Basketball showdown! GO WOLVES! Oh, one more thing. Here is a poll.

If you like Boise High School better, leave a comment saying BHS. If you like Timberline High School better, leave a comment saying THS.

Leave a comment! It doesn't matter what age you are, just vote! Anyway, polls is going to be the topic for the new year. A poll will be given out on every post. 2009 is lookin' fine, folks, and we will have the finest year ever!

P.S. If you look at the picture, you know the new year's going to be that radical.


color of sunshine said...

Amazing jump. You know here are some signs to tell if a boi likes u or not... ahem:

1) he'll make eye contact
2) if you're sitting across from him he'll be facing you with legs uncrossed
3) he'll find excuses 2 b with u
4) he'll develope a sudden interest in thing you like... etc.

I call myself the love doctor! lol but I dont 2really kno anything just got th@ from They have good advice! Good luck with ur luv life!

ps. Where'd u go 2 jump off the cliff like th2? The whole scene is spectacular!

Meredith said...

THS, all the way!