The Truly Abigail Family


On a Voyage

My family is heading for Salt Lake City in about four hours. My brother Madison prepares the ski equipment for when my mom comes home from working in her office in Meridian. My dad is in Twin Falls, so his strength is not here to help us. Oh, well. We're a strong family.

The trip is four and half hours long, and I get sick easily, even if it's a half-hour trip. I will bring my laptop to write stories along the way, my iPod for amusement with music, and my DVD player for movies. (Which would be better? DVDs on my laptop or DVD player?)

I've been looking forward to this trip for a long time, except I haven't packed yet, but I'll go do that soon. It doesn't take me long to pack, and we have plenty of time. Super Abby's on a trip to Utah to visit the Super Family and Friends. Hooray!

Wish me luck on my trip, everyone. I better not get sick. I'm just recovering from the flu!!!

P.S. Cooper's gone!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's at the boarding kennel with the ladies, though. He can impress anyone. Whenever Cooper sniffs some other dog's toosh, the normal way to say hello in dog language, that dog wants him like crazy. They jump and bark. I feel like when Cooper pants back he's smiling. I love that dog, and I'm going to miss him!


Meredith said...

DVD on your laptop! That means one less piece of electronic equipment to pack around; and it means a bigger screen to watch the DVD!

Travel safe my loves- see you soon!!!

madanimallover said...

I agree with Meredith.
Yes! It is one less peice to carry around. And I will check my e-mail to see if you send me anything on your trip to Utah. i don't think I have been to Utah and stayed there for more than 2 hours so, it'd be cool to know.