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Day 28

This first half of 2010 has been pretty outstanding. I still remember watching on TV the New Year's countdown in New York City: the couples kissing, the performances, the confetti, the celebrities, everyone trying to get warm in the light snow, and I even remember Ryan Seacrest on the stage counting down to New Year's with everyone. And now it's almost June; that's unbelievable. Time can go by so fast. Life is too short. Enjoy it while you have it.

I remember my awesome brother Madison's mission farewell in January. We drove the long five hours to Salt Lake City and had a big family party at Grandma's mansion. We then drove to Provo, ate at the legendary Brick Oven, watched as Madison turned off his phone for two years, and dropped him off at the curb of the MTC. I remember it as if it were just yesterday.

At the end of February I moved to this lovely little town near Boise. At first I thought it was all trees, farmland, and only a few houses, but now that I've lived here for almost three months, I have found that this place is awesome. I love the open land, the schools, the teachers, the town (especially Doug's Burger Den, the hot spot for all 5th graders and up), and of course the people. They have been so kind to my family and me, welcoming us to our new ward and schools.

In the middle of March my parents and I made the decision to stop driving a half-hour every day to my school in Boise and to enroll at an arts school. There really isn't a difference between the arts school and a regular elementary school; we just have a little more artistic minds. The kids immediately became my greatest and most treasured friends. Although I dearly miss my friends back in Boise, I am happy here. I fit in, I feel confident in myself, and I love how the kids admire who I am. I finally feel that I am in the right place, even if I'm still called "tall" or "Big Bird" sometimes. I don't let it get to me. Besides, everyone wishes they were tall. :)

In April I started making a ton of new friends from both church and school. My parents and I found some camps to attend over the summer, and April was just a great month to find new people.

Now it's May. In six school days I will be a 6th grader, and it will be summer where I can sleep in and hang out with people whenever I want and feel free again! Woo hoo, so close!

Yes, a great half has come, and I am now anxious to see what the other half has in store.

♥ Abigail ♥

P.S. My friend Savanna and I created a new blog: Visit it!

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